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President Obama: Savoring his last six months in office

President Obama 2008

Marty’s photo of the day #1862: As I watched President Obama’s speech last night, I couldn’t help thinking: “He’s the Democrat’s Reagan.”

The big difference, of course, is that the Republican version of Ronald Reagan’s history is, shall we say, mostly fiction. In fact, we are still dealing with the severe damage done to our country because of some of his programs. The worst, in my opinion, was ripping the solar panels off the roof of the White House—a symbolic gesture that began 35 years (and counting) of Republican global warming denial and anti-environmental policies.

President Obama, on the other hand, stopped the Keystone XL Pipeline, pushed through the Paris agreement, made healthcare accessible to all, made it possible for gay marriage to be legalized, established diplomatic relations with Cuba, signed a nuclear agreement with Iran, rescued the economy from the Bush collapse . . . and the list goes on. And most amazingly, he did most of it despite hostile, obstructive Republicans trying to block his every move.

President Obama also kept his cool while hateful Republicans questioned is citizenship, his religion, and his loyalty to our country. That alone is an accomplishment worthy of a chapter in every American history book.

So like many of you, I intend to savor President Obama’s last six months in office. While no president is perfect, Obama has been, without a doubt, the best president we’ve had in the past fifty years.

(I took today’s photo in 2008, at an Obama campaign event in Missoula, MT)

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