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Listening to coyotes

Horse Prairie Scenic

Marty’s photo of the day #1857: If you’ve never been to Montana, you are probably unaware of how greatly the state varies by location. For instance, the landscape near Billings looks nothing like the landscape near Missoula.

I live in the country, in the hills, by a mountain. Here I’m surrounded by trees. I enjoy being in the trees, but when I explore Montana, I prefer to seek out locations that differ from the one I live in. Consequently, I love visiting southwestern Montana, as there are less trees and more rolling hills. You can see for miles!

I took this photo a week ago, near a Forest Service cabin Deb and I rented. Last year we rented the same cabin, and we stood on this same ridge, listening to coyote howls echo across the valley. This year the coyotes were farther away, but when I called out to them they eventually answered.

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