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That sense of accomplishment

Marty with logs

Marty’s photo of the day #1831: One of the disadvantages of living where I live (in the woods, on a hill, next to a mountain range) is that it’s tricky to get Internet service. We are too far out in the country to get DSL or cable service, so we get it wireless. The Internet provider’s tower is in Missoula, forty-five miles away, and the line-of-sight signal shoots down the Bitterroot Valley. When we built our house, we got lucky and selected just the right place. Our house is tall, and atop our roof is a high tower.

The service has worked fine much of the time (when it’s out, we use a Verizon Jetpack), but eventually a tree grew too tall and blocked our service. I hated to take out the 85 year-old-tree, but since we run our businesses out of the house we had no choice. A neighbor—who has wedges and a bigger chainsaw than I do—cut down the tree for me a few weeks ago.

My job has been to cut up the tree and haul it up the very steep hill that is behind our house (I promised the wood to my neighbor). Some of the logs weighed close to 100 pounds, and the mountain altitude and long steep hill often left me gasping for breath. But I did it!

Deb gave me shit about insisting on doing the job myself (over several sessions), but sometimes it’s just nice to do manual labor, work up a sweat, and feel that sense of accomplishment.

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