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Can’t sleep next to your AR-15? Too bad!

Marty Essen

The problem with political talk shows is that guests and hosts all fail to listen to me when I yell at the TV. Last night, on Real Time with Bill Maher, one of the topics of discussion was the sit-in earlier this week by House Democrats.

Republican Michael Steele mentioned that the reason the GOP won’t agree to ban gun sales to people on the No Fly and Terrorist watch lists is because some are put on that list by mistake, just because of their name.

I agree that Steele made a correct statement. However, on a parallel issue, we put the wrong people in jail all the time. In fact, Republicans encourage unjust incarceration by pushing onerous laws and their “free enterprise” private prison scheme.

So why are Republicans more concerned that an innocent person may not be able to buy a gun than they are that an innocent person may rot in prison—or even be put to death?

Can’t people live out long happy lives without sleeping beside their pet AR-15 each night? What a shallow value system a person must have if they believe it is more important to fight for the few wrongly accused people on a terrorist watch list than it is to fight for the tens of thousands of innocent people shot to death in the United States each year!

That would have been a great point for the liberal guests on Bill Maher to make last night. And I’m sure they would have done so—if the show’s producers hadn’t screwed up and forgotten to put a microphone next to my couch.

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