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Moose, Mooses, Meese

Moose Eating

Marty’s photo of the day #1797: Why isn’t “meese” plural for “moose”? It’s not as if meese is already used up as a word with a different meaning. And besides, a word like meese would be really handy in Scrabble, when you get stuck with a bunch of E’s. “Mooses” isn’t a word either. The only proper word is “Moose”—whether there is just one or a twenty hanging out by your house.

So even though I would like to use the following sentence as a caption for this photo, the Dictionary Dictators say it’s incorrect: “This is one of the many meese that hangs out around our house.”

Meese thinks the Dictionary Dictators need to have a few drinks and loosen up a bit.

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