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The Conservative Hate Machine has switched from Obama to Clinton, and the results are obvious

Marty Essen

To understand the effectiveness of the “Republican-Fox News-Conservative Talk Radio-Hate Machine” all one must do is look at President Obama’s popularity numbers. Despite being one of the best, most successful—and certainly coolest—presidents in modern history, his poll numbers have failed to reflect that. Until now. All of a sudden, Obama’s numbers are on the rise.

Why is that? The answer is obvious: the Hate Machine has switched its efforts from President Obama to Hillary Clinton. And it’s working. Several current polls actually show misogynist-racist-loser Donald Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton. I understand that Trump is enjoying a temporary Republican nominee bump, but come on! America has to be better than that.

Yet all over the Internet, radio, and TV are Clinton conspiracy theories and comments about how unlikeable and shrill she is. Really? I just don’t see it. Clinton may not have been my first choice (I wanted Elizabeth Warren to run), but whether you wanted Warren, Clinton, Sanders, or someone else from the thinking side of the aisle, now is the time to fight back against the Hate Machine. If not, Trump—a colossal failure of a human being—will hold the nuclear codes in his tiny, tiny hands.

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