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Wickedly funny. Rick Gualtieri continues to impress.

Wicked Dead

I’m generally not a fan of series books, as the ones I’ve read tended to run out of steam quickly. Not so with Rick Gualtieri’s Bill the Vampire series. Sure, some volumes are better than others, but all held my interest; all made me laugh.

As an author myself, I’m impressed not only by the quality of Rick’s writing, but also by the speed at which he writes. The first Bill book came out in 2011, and this most recent book, The Wicked Dead (Volume #7), came out in 2015. And Rick writes other series as well! Having recently written a book myself, my eyes were still finely attuned to finding editing errors and clunky sentences. I didn’t find one in The Wicked Dead.

But enough about the technical aspects of writing. The bottom line is that The Wicked Dead is wickedly funny. When my wife heard me repeatedly laughing out loud, she didn’t even have to ask what I was reading on my Kindle. She just casually commented, “Oh. You must be reading the new Bill book.”

I find it hard to rate the Bill books in order of preference—as I’ve read them all, and some have meshed together in my mind—but The Wicked Dead is definitely one of the best. So if you are a follower of Bill, and are debating whether or not to continue the journey, fear not. This is a trip that hasn’t gone stale. You’ll love The Wicked Dead!

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