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This is going to bite the GOP in the ass!

Although I personally would have preferred that President Obama nominate a liberal to the Supreme Court, the best nominee for America is one who is neutral (as opposed to someone like Clarence Thomas, who pre-decides cases based on rigid ideology). By almost any standard, Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland fits the definition of “neutral.” Still, Republican obstructionists vow “no vote.”

As Republican Rep. Paul Ryan said, “This has never been about who the nominee is.”

Mark my words: This is going to bite the GOP in the ass!

My prediction: Trump and the GOP will have a huge fight at the Republican National Convention, as the Republican Party refuses him the nomination and nominates someone else instead. Trump will then sue and win in a lower court (he’ll pick the court where he has the best chance of winning). The case will then go to the Supreme Court, where it will end in a 4 to 4 tie. That will make Trump the disputed nominee. But by then both the Republican Party and Trump will have lost so much time, and any remaining goodwill, that the Democrats will win in a landslide, from the presidency on down the ticket.

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