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This election is bigger than Hillary or Bernie

Marty EssenThe vast majority of my Facebook friends are liberal, and if I were to poll them all, they’d probably split evenly between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters. I’m officially undecided. In fact, when the time comes for me to vote in the Montana primary, I will seriously consider grabbing the Republican ballot and voting for Donald Trump. Not because I like Trump—he’s a horrible, loser of a human being—but because Trump will be the easiest Republican candidate to defeat in the general election.

You see, this election is bigger than either Hillary or Bernie. Our next president will likely nominate at least two Supreme Court justices and will also determine the fate of President Obama’s eight years of progress—especially on social and environmental issues. If Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, or Paul Ryan becomes president, they will send us backwards and damage our country even more than George W. Bush did.

That’s why I refuse to hit “like” on any posts from Bernie Sanders supporters who demean Hillary Clinton or vice versa. And I have to say, at least among my Facebook friends, the Bernie supporters are the most negative.

If you would truly refuse to vote for the opposition Democratic candidate if your preferred candidate loses—thereby helping Trump, Cruz, or Ryan win—you too are part of the problem.

Here’s my advice: If you support Bernie Sanders—tell the world why he deserves the nomination. If you support Hillary Clinton—tell the world why she deserves the nomination. But please stop bashing the other Democrat. The best thing for America—and quite frankly Planet Earth—is for the eventual Democratic nominee to enter the general election in as undamaged condition as possible.

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