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Baby Rainbow Boas

Baby Rainbow Boas

Marty’s photo of the day #1746: From March 27th – March 31st, I’m going to feature photographs I’ve shot in Montana. Then, beginning on April 1, I will have a new theme that will take us through the entire month.

Rainbow boas are native to South America. But since I took this photo at my house, in Montana, it still technically fits my theme. You are looking at two (possibly three) baby rainbow boas. They are the offspring of Adam and Eve, who were about the same size (roughly 20 inches-long) when they moved in with me in 2001. Adam is now 6-feet-long, and Eve is 7-feet-long. These babies, born three years ago, now live elsewhere, with other human companions. Depending on how often their people have fed them, the babies you are looking at are likely between 4 and 5 feet-long today.

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