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Is Donald Trump a Grand Psychological Experiment?

That Donald Trump thanked “the poorly educated” for his victory in Nevada really has me wondering if the Trump Campaign is part of some grand psychological experiment. Fox News has made a fortune over the years by spewing continual bullshit—but doing it with conviction.

Now, week after week, Trump comes up with something more outrageous to say: Insult a POW for being captured—the Trumpeters couldn’t care less; make sweeping racist statements—the Trumpeters love it; insinuate that you’d like to date your daughter—the Trumpeters nod in agreement; talk about what a great Christian you are while demonstrating total naïveté of the Bible—the Trumpeters pretend not to notice; parade Sarah Palin out for a round of word salad—the Trumpeters go wild!

And now, Donald Trump thanks the poorly educated for helping him win. That’s one of the few honest things he has said in months: Yes, thank you for being dumb enough to vote for me!

I just have to wonder if when Trump wins the Republican nomination, he’ll look into the camera and say, “The jokes on you, Republican losers! You didn’t care what I said or what I did—as long as I did it with conviction. Shame on you for showing just how selfish and unthinking Americans can be. You are stuck with me now! But even I wouldn’t vote for me!”

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