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Why must they be so nasty?

I have come to the conclusion that to be on the new far-right you have to be a nasty, disagreeable human being. With my new book out, I’m contacting radio shows across the country for interviews. When I did interviews for my first book, I was on numerous right-wing radio shows. Those shows went fine, because the year was 2007, and the hate on those shows was not anywhere near the post President Obama election hate. Nevertheless, I have been gradually culling my email list of right-wing shows, as I couldn’t trace one book sale back to them. Why waste my time?

Anyway, today I sent an email out to a large number of radio shows. My email was an informative, non-confrontational email about my book and that I would be an entertaining guest. Oh, and it does mention that my book talks about “human-caused global warming and corporate greed that puts money above nature.” Still, nothing deserving the nasty response I received from a right-wing radio station in Michigan (one that features the Rush Limbaugh Show).

Here’s the email (last name removed) and my response:


I’m not interested in alarmist books like yours or disseminating such garbage to my listeners. I’ve traveled to more countries, states and provinces than you have. As a conservationist I find your doom and gloom type approach to be anti productive.

Congratulations on your awards, given I’m sure by people who live their lives almost entirely on concrete and don’t have a clue how misguided so many self proclaimed ‘Eco-journalists’ really are.

Good luck and safe travels. I’d write more but clearly the sky is falling and I need to thatch my roof.



Hi Steve:

I have removed you from further emails. Sorry to have bothered you. I have been trying to proactively eliminate AM-Hate Radio contacts from my list, but obviously I missed you.

I try to protect special places and wildlife, because I want a better future for my son, granddaughter, and people I haven’t even met. Once an animal goes extinct, no one can bring it back.

But enjoy reveling in your far-right greed and hate (because that’s all you have going for you).

Sincerely yours,

Marty Essen

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