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Republican-lites: No Money From Me

Grrrrrrr! I find it frustrating trying to support the major Montana Democratic candidates, when so many come off as Republican-lite. This is especially true with the environment. Montana Governor Steve Bullock was highly critical of President Obama when the president stopped the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Then, this week, after President Obama took action to reduce climate change and ordered a pause on new coal leases on federal land, Montana’s Democratic governor said this: “President Obama is wrong, and once again Montana’s working families are bearing the brunt of his unilateral action.”

Sorry, Governor Bullock, but I support our president. As a Democrat, you should too. Your support of the fossil fuel industry is not only irresponsible and outdated, it’s also cowardly. Yes, you have an election coming up. But it’s not the Republican-lites who are making the individual donations to your reelection fund; it’s primarily the state’s liberals. In this coming election you will have my vote, but no matter how many emails you send me, I won’t send you a single penny.

I would rather give my money to an out-of-state candidate, who will protect the environment, than an in-state candidate, who will only offer protection when it’s politically advantageous.

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