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No Martyrs in Oregon

So Ammond Bundy and part of his Band of Right-Wing Ammosexuals got arrested last night. It’s about time! Unfortunately, a member of the band died during the arrest. Now these Right-Wingers finally got the martyr they wanted so badly. Hopefully, reasonable people will understand that “Suicide by Federal Agent” doesn’t make anyone a martyr. The U.S. Government went above and beyond the call of duty to end the illegal occupation peacefully. But no government in the world will sit back and ignore blatant in-your-face criminal acts indefinitely.

This is what is so disgusting about the Far Right in America today (including people like Montana Republican State Senator Jennifer Fielder, who wrote an editorial in Bundy’s defense). Now these disingenuous people will spew righteous indignation. When in reality, the death of one of their own was part of the plan to further their anti-government agenda.

That’s why it is vitally important that all Americans insist that the U.S. media make it clear: any deaths resulting from the illegal occupation in Oregon are on the Bundy Band’s hands—and their hands only. Failure of the media to do its job will only encourage the next gang of ammosexuals to do something even more extreme to get attention.

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