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It’s time to see the Bundy mugshots

In today’s newspaper, there is a short article about a movie theater in Boise that might lose its liquor license because it served liquor during the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Apparently an obscure Idaho law prohibits the serving of liquor during movies that depict sexual acts. According to a police spokeswoman, “police are required to enforce the laws that are on the books.”

So in Idaho, the police go undercover to enforce an obscure law, yet in Oregon, Ammond Bundy and his Band of Right-Wing Ammosexuals break countless laws and are not only allowed to come and go as they please—they are even allowed to hold press conferences!

Allowing Cliven Bundy to get away with his crimes in 2014 was a big mistake; doing the same with Ammond Bundy now is even worse. These right-wing gun-buddy groups will only grow bolder with each perceived victory. The next pictures any of us see of the Bundy Boys should be mugshots.

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