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Who says girls are afraid of snakes?

1 Fiona and Eve 41 Fiona and Eve 21 Fiona and Eve 3

Marty’s photos of the day #1658: My granddaughter, Fiona, (age 12) and my oldest rainbow boa, Eve, (age 14) have grown up together. For years I have been photographing the two—half-seriously suggesting that eventually I get to photograph them together for Fiona’s official high school and college graduation pictures. So when Fiona and family visited for Christmas this year, we did another in the series of shots. While many 12-year-olds (especially boys in Montana) have been taught to fear and kill snakes, Fiona is comfortable and gentle with them. She’s knowledgeable too. Just ask her where rainbow boas live in the wild, what temperatures they prefer, or what they eat, and she’ll rattle off a correct answer.

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