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Rainbow Boa: Mother and Son

Rainbow Boa

Marty’s photo of the day #1597: This is Little Snake, photographed next to his mother for comparison. Little Snake is a rainbow boa. He was part of Adam and Eve’s litter of 30 babies, born in April 2012.

I promptly sold all the babies from that litter, except for Little Snake, who I couldn’t sell because he refused to eat. Snakes have large litters, as so few survive to become adults in the wild. Had Little Snake been born in the rainforest, his “job” would likely have been to become a meal for another animal. He’s just too sweet to be aggressive.

By the time I finally convinced Little Snake to eat, I was too attached to him to sell, and our family of rainbow boas grew to three. He’s now my favorite snake, because he’s so gentle, loves to be held, and has stayed quite small for his age.

Little Snake was obviously the runt of the litter. His parents are seven-feet-long, yet I will be surprised if he grows to be longer than four-feet.

Although I haven’t had the time to do snake education programs in the schools for a while, Little Snake would be the perfect first snake for someone to hold. He’d also be the ideal therapy snake for people wanting to overcome their fear of snakes. So if you are afraid of snakes and are ever near Victor, Montana, give me a call. Helping people to better understand snakes is one of my missions in life. And I guarantee: Little Snake will win your heart.

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