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Hate-spewing media and politicians are accessories to murder

If you follow my posts, you saw my comment on Friday about my prediction of a “Fox News-induced Insanity Defense” being used by a lawyer to defend a shooter sometime in the future. In reality, Fox News is just part of the problem, as AM-Hate Radio shows and Republican politicians vying for far right-wing votes contribute as well. Over-all, however, one thing is clear: to get a right-wing audience to come back again and again—or to get that far-right vote—repetitive hate-spewing is the key.

In the far-right Republican world, manufacturing hate is just another form of free enterprise. As long as they achieve their short-term goal, damn the consequences! But, unfortunately, there are very real consequences—and they know it. As I read various posts from right-wing media in the hours after the shooting, it became clear that they were very nervous that the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooter might finally provide that indisputable link back to them. Some were even proactively claiming that the shooter ended up at Planned Parenthood by accident, using the clinic as a hiding place after committing a crime elsewhere.

Then last night the right-wing nightmare happened: a law enforcement official leaked that the shooter said “no more baby parts” after his arrest. Yes, the shooter used the same words that have been repeated by the right-wing media and many Republican politicians to build up hate and promote the secretly recorded, deceptively edited Planned Parenthood videos that were released earlier this year.

Make no mistake about it—the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting was a direct and predictable result of constant hatemongering for profit and votes. Fox News, AM-Hate Radio, and participating Republican politicians will escape legal prosecution as accessories to the Planned Parenthood murders, but that doesn’t make them any less guilty.

Since legal repercussions won’t happen, it’s our job, as citizens, to speak up and drown out the voices of hate. We’ll never make the hate go away, but we can make it less mainstream, less likely to attract votes, and less likely to appeal to advertisers. And maybe . . . just maybe . . . the next potential shooter won’t have enough hate in his heart to pick up that AK-47 and use it.

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