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Did I really name my dog that?

Chez Gabrielle

Marty’s photo of the day #1613: I haven’t posted many photos from the Southern France portion of Deb’s and my seven-continents-adventure, because the theme of our travels was looking for rare and unusual wildlife. Even though we didn’t see much wildlife in France fitting that description, that didn’t mean we didn’t thoroughly enjoy both the people and the scenery in the country. In support of France, I’m sharing photos this week from our visit.
We spent a wonderful night at this two-room hotel, called Chez Gabrielle, in the village of Lesponne. The proprietor, Isabella, was a wonderful host. She doesn’t know it, but we named our yellow lab after her. Of course, we had no idea that “Isabella” would naturally morph into “Bella,” which we later learned was the most common dog name in the United States. Oh, the horror of thinking we were creative with our naming, only to find out that we couldn’t have been more unoriginal!

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