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I loved the Democratic Debate

I loved the Democratic debate last night. It was such a breath of fresh air to see candidates actually talk about real issues rather than anger-inducing, manufactured issues, like those generated by Republican candidates.

Of the minor candidates, Lincoln Chafee would get killed in the general election—so it’s time for him to go. Jim Webb is way too conservative—but he’d add some much needed maturity and reasonableness if he switched and ran as a Republican. Martin O’Malley was a pleasant surprise—he should stick around.

Of the major candidates, I loved Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton looked presidential. While I’m closer to Sanders on the issues, I’d like to see a woman president. The worst disaster would be for a Republican to recapture the White House and undo eight years of progress. So, for me, I see no reason to decide who I want so early in the process and am content to see how things play out.

Individual candidates aside, I was so happy that no one, except Webb, shied away from liberal issues! Perhaps the Democratic Party finally got the message that we are tired of “Republican Lite.” Now, if the Associated Press would only get that message as well. Climate Change was one of the most frequently talked about issues last night, yet the AP didn’t even mention it in their recap article (at least the version in my local newspaper).

Donald Trump tweeted that there wasn’t a star on stage at the debate, but he failed to tweet that there wasn’t an entire stage full of buffoons either. Sorry, Donald, but not everything is a reality TV show. In the real world, there were at least three candidates speaking last night who would kick your ass in the general election.

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