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A New Generation Needs to Read This


I was thrilled to see the classic Never Cry Wolf finally become available on Kindle.

Writing a detailed review of a book that was published in 1963, however, is not the best use of one’s time. What could I say that hasn’t been said before? So instead of a review, I offer a few observations:

1) Never Cry Wolf is still relevant. I live in Montana, where members of the anti-wolf crowd still spew the same hateful misinformation they were spewing back in 1963. A new generation of people needs to read this book.

2) If you have seen the movie (or even watched it multiple times, as I have), read the book anyway. I can’t say whether the book or the movie is better, as even though they both tell the same story, they tell it in different ways: the movie, with stunning visuals; the book, with more satisfying details.

3) Because some critics have accused Farley Mowat of not being factual, I almost didn’t read this book. Now that I have read it, I understand why. While there is no doubt that Mowat took some literary liberties and merged closely related events to make the story more concise, it’s not as if he “pulled a Fox News” by taking a grain of truth and turning it into something completely different. No, in my opinion, the primary reason for the accusations was because he told too much truth, not too little truth. And those truths were not only embarrassing to the people involved, but also to the entire barbaric practice of predator control.

So, if you are like me and somehow managed to make it all these years without reading one of the all-time classics—a classic that changed the mindset of people around the world—it’s not too late. Read it now! You’ll be glad you did.

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