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Wolf-haters will hate this book!

Wolf Called Romeo

I love books that make the world a better place for their existence, and Nick Jans definitely accomplished that with A Wolf Called Romeo. His fascinating story of Romeo, the gregarious black wolf, and all the human characters—both good and bad—make this book a fast read. You just have to know how everything turns out.

And even if you already know the ending, or suspect it, it doesn’t ruin the book—because in addition to the story, you will learn a lot about the secretive life of wolves. It’s a book you can read for the page-turning narrative while becoming a virtual wolf expert at the same time. How cool is that?

On a personal note: I live in Montana, a state chockfull of wolf-haters, so I could really relate to the downright evil people Jans exposed. I thank him for not only publicizing their names, but also for including their photos. Longtime trophy hunters and thrill killers like Walter Palmer (killer of Cecil the lion) and those in A Wolf Called Romeo will never stop, but the more often the media and society express their disgust for such behavior, the less often new people will embark on such barbaric practices. After all, what good is a trophy room when those who view it don’t see a manly conqueror, but a pathetic excuse for a human being instead?

I highly recommend A Wolf Called Romeo, and I’m looking forward to reading more books from Nick Jans.

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