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Voters: here’s what blind patriotism gets you

I live in Montana, so I sent my state’s only congressman, Republican Ryan Zinke, an email, asking him to support President Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran.

He responded by saying,

“I have vehemently opposed the President’s negotiations since day one. Now that the plan has been sent to Congress, I will do everything possible to stop it.”

He then went on to say, he will “continue to serve me.”

For those who don’t know about Ryan Zinke, his entire campaign for Congress was basically “I am a Navy Seal, so vote for me.” Sorry, Ryan, you are a classic example of the dangers of electing people based on blind patriotism.

Here’s what I wrote back to Zinke:

Dear Mr. Zinke:

You dishonor our country! Shame on you for opposing a huge step toward peace in the Middle East. Contrary to your letter, you do not serve me. You serve the oil industry and the military contractors.

I am tired of my taxes paying for unnecessary wars based on fear-mongering.

Sincerely yours,

Marty Essen

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