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The GOP: obstructing progress on global warming for more than 30 years

Bear GlacierI took this photograph of the Bear Glacier in 2003. This glacier is located in British Columbia, near Hyder, Alaska. Before posting, I did a search and looked at both current and past photos of this glacier. The changes are dramatic—and sad. Back in 2003, I was ranting about the lake that wasn’t there 50 years earlier. Since then, the glacier has continued to shrink at an alarming rate.

But don’t worry! Despite the photographic evidence, all we are seeing is a dirty trick played on our eyes by the corrupt scientific community—who were wrong about something many years ago, and therefore can never be trusted again. If every Republican senator says human-caused global warming is a hoax, we know we can trust them—because they are God-fearing people who would never, ever, lie just to shovel in more campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry. No, no, these are honest politicians, who know that ExxonMobil and Shell have nothing but our best interests at heart. Bless the Republicans for doing everything in their power to stop progress on global warming for more than 30 years! May they continue the diligent work of making our planet die the death it deserves—and we deserve, for continuing to vote for them.

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