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The cutest bear in Montana

Bear cub

Marty’s photo of the day #1540: I don’t own a smartphone—partially because we built offices into our rural mountainside house, making laptops more practical than cell phones; partially because I have the old fashioned belief that real photographers take pictures with cameras, not phones; and, perhaps most importantly, if I did have one, I could never make snarky comments about people who spend more time looking at their smartphones than they do the world around them.

Deb and I saw this bear cub, partway up a tree, on our evening walk yesterday. Had I been looking at a smartphone, I never would have spotted him. I only had my little pocket Canon camera with me, but I was still able to capture some fun images. We didn’t stick around long, because the cub was alone. Momma bear was probably up the hill a bit—so she could get better reception on her bearphone—and we didn’t want to be around when she returned.


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