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Heads will explode

I haven’t spoken out yet about who I would rather have as the Democratic presidential nominee. Although I’d love to see Bernie Sanders as president, I will ultimately support whatever Democrat runs against Donald Trump (no, I don’t think he’ll fade as the media predicts). One sure thing is that if Hillary Clinton becomes our next president, Republicans will have no trouble transferring their great hate for President Obama to Clinton. We will be in for another four-to-eight years of Republicans putting party before country and doing the opposite of what Clinton does.

I don’t quite know how anyone can maintain such a high level of hate for so long, but then, I’m not a Republican. The amazing thing is that these people then go to church on Sundays to worship a deity who preached about love, castigated the rich, and helped the poor. Perhaps that’s why churches are losing members at record rates. Who would want to hang around with such hypocrites?

A letter from a Republican in today’s Missoulian newspaper summed it up nicely: He thought that Megyn Kelly, from Fox News, should interview Hillary Clinton. Among the questions (which, of course, included the required Benghazi question) he thought Megyn should ask was, “How will you handle your husband’s infidelity if you become president?”

None of the letter writer’s questions were original (they never are), so obviously the Conservative Media is busy pushing the idea that a man’s infidelity is the woman’s fault and that the woman should “handle it.” Wow! Aside from the fact that no one knows if Bill and Hillary have an open marriage, that Republicans just can’t get over their obsession with what goes on in other peoples’ bedrooms is just creepy.

Should Hillary Clinton become president, the concussion from heads collectively exploding due to hate-overload will rival any nuclear bomb Iran could ever make.

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