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Donald Trump Jr. isn’t man enough to hunt with a camera

African elephant

Marty’s photo of the day #1512: Have you seen the picture of Donald Trump Jr., standing next to the elephant he killed? He’s posing with the elephant’s tail (that he cut-off) in one hand and his knife in the other—positioned in such a way that the knife simulates the erection he only wishes he could get. (Google: Donald Trump Jr. elephant kill.)

What’s become apparent this week is that this statement is true: “Not all Republicans are trophy hunters, but most trophy hunters are Republican.” Just read the comments under any story about Cecil the Lion for further verification. The Republican comments continually try to steer the conversation off-topic, with statements like, “Libtards get upset about killing a lion but not about killing babies.”

I’m so tired of that distraction! If Republicans really believe that abortions kill babies, why haven’t they even attempted to put forth legislation to give all women a tax deduction and/or financial assistance for the extra dependent at the moment of conception? Obviously, by their lack of action, their belief that “a fetus of any age is a baby” doesn’t go as far as their wallets.

Before I get too far off-topic, here’s a more manly elephant trophy: one that required the unarmed photographer (me) to sneak up unnoticed, capture the image, and depart without taking a life. Obviously, Donald Trump Jr. was not man enough to hunt in Africa with just a camera.


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