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Killing exotic animals doesn’t make you a man.


Marty’s photo of the day #1511: Here’s a photo from my trophy room. My trophy room also has elephants, hippos, moose, zebras, deadly snakes, crocodiles, monkeys, and other exotic animals. Unlike members of the Safari Club (and certain dentists), I’m a sexually secure person, who doesn’t need to kill my trophies to get an erection or feel like a man. And you know what’s cool? Someone else could have followed in my footsteps—months later—and put the very same, very much alive, animals on their wall as well.

The disconnect trophy hunters and the gun-obsessed have from reality is pathetic. They think killing exotic animals and carrying big guns make them appear more important, when, in reality, those actions only announce to the rest of the world that they are sexually terrified, socially inept, sorry excuses for human beings.

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