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Can we at least blame the correct accomplices?

This week has been another sorry chapter in America’s ongoing love affair with guns. The fact that we continue to defend guns, as more and more people die, shows what a warped society we live in. Especially when bear spray will safely outperform guns for personal protection almost every time. Yet we continue to value a testosterone laden hobby more than we value human lives.

In fact, Americans can’t even put the blame in the correct place. Read the on-line comments under virtually every story about yesterday’s Louisiana movie theater shooting (by a white man, who last month allegedly registered a page with Tea Party Nation), and you’ll find multiple posts from people blaming President Obama for the shooting, “because he’s a Muslim sympathizer.”

Truly, if people are going to put the blame on anyone other than the shooter, they need to put it on those who have nurtured our gun-worshiping culture: Fox News, Right Wing AM Talk Radio Hosts, the NRA, and NRA-controlled politicians. They are the true accomplices.

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