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A True Environmental Hero

A Hippo Love Story

I have written a new book, Endangered Edens, which is coming out in January 2016. I start that book with this dedication:

“I dedicate this book to environmental heroes everywhere: you may not have holidays named in your honor, and strangers may not approach you in airports to thank you for your service, but the world is a better place because of your efforts.”

Little did I know that one of the first books I’d read after writing mine would be A Hippo Love Story by Karen Paolillo. In every way, Karen Paolillo is the kind of hero I was writing about.

She risked everything—from her marriage to her life—to save hippos and other animals from certain death. And this wasn’t just a short-term risk—she’s been risking it all for roughly 25 years.

Animal lovers will adore this book. Karen Paolillo has a knack for storytelling and certainly doesn’t hold anything back. While occasionally readers may wonder why she is telling us certain things about her personal life (her husband is one heck of a good sport!), in the end, I think knowing those things helps the reader feel closer to Paolillo—and ultimately closer to her mission, which is the ultimate goal.

I thank Karen Paolillo for writing such an enthralling book. Should she write another one, I will promptly add it to my reading list.

  • Marty Essen, Author of
    Endangered Edens: Exploring the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Costa Rica, the Everglades, and Puerto Rico (to be published January, 2016) and Cool Creatures, Hot Planet: Exploring the Seven Continents

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