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Photos of the day start here today

Antarctica scenic shot

Antarctica scenic shot

For years I have been posting Photos of the Day on my Facebook Page, and I will continue that tradition on my new blog, Around the World with Marty Essen. Rather starting from the beginning, I will sync with my Facebook posts. Readers of this blog, who do not already follow me on Facebook, are welcome to go there to see the previous posts (and send me a friend request).

Marty’s photo of the day #1453: Admittedly, this is not the most scenic photo I’ve posted from Antarctica, but I’m holding back, getting ready for my most ambitious theme month ever. Tomorrow begins “Animals A thru Z Month.” Each day I will post an animal I’ve photographed, somewhere in the world, in alphabetical order (posting four letters twice to fill out every day of the month). And there is no wimping out, such as posting a “musk ox” when the letter “X” comes up. The name of every animal must start with the letter, and no letters will be skipped. Yes, I have photographed an animal with a name that begins with an X and all of the other tough letters. Special thanks to my wife, Deb, and the multiple glasses of wine we had as we mapped out the month. I’m also kicking off my new blog, Around the World with Marty Essen, and posting Animals A thru Z both there and in Facebook.

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